Apogee Press publishes the work of innovative and experimental poets.
Culturally and formally diverse, our poets share an original use of language.

Among the Names
Also Known As
bk of (h)rs
The Cellar Dreamer
Discrete Categories
Forced into Coupling

dust and conscience
Edge and Fold
four letter words
Gorgeous Mourning
Human Forest
In the Absent

My Rice Tastes Like
The Lake

open book
passing world pictures
Peeping Mot
placing the accents
The Pleasures of C
Rules of the House
Speed of Life
Table Alphabetical
of Hard Words

The Turning
Wild Goods
within the margin
Maxine Chernoff
Valerie Coulton
Tsering Wangmo

Kathleen Fraser
Paul Hoover
Alice Jones
Stefanie Marlis
Andrew Maxwell
Edward Kleinschmidt

Pattie McCarthy
Denise Newman
Elizabeth Robinson
Edward Smallfield
Cole Swensen
Barbara Tomash
Truong Tran
Laura Walker

Featured Titles
Plunge, by Alice Jones Plunge, by Alice Jones Peeping Mot, by A Maxwell Marybones, by Pattie McCarthy Follow-Haswed, by Laura Walker
by Barbara Tomash

"...the shock of harkening, of attuning to the world's endless oscillations..."
—Rusty Morrison

by Alice Jones

"brilliant and with beautiful tact"
—Donald Revell

Peeping Mot
by A Maxwell

"A collection of brilliant and occult profundity."
—Maggie Nelson

by Pattie McCarthy

"These poems acutely, poignantly, wryly search the shifting distance between witness and presence itself."
—Elizabeth Robinson

by Laura Walker

"This is an unforgettable book in the highest tradition of break-through art."
—Kathleen Fraser

Currently Available
Among the Names, by Maxine Chernoff

Among the Names

by Maxine Chernoff

"It's a collection that makes things spring to sight."—Cole Swensen
    open book, by Valerie Coulton

open book

by Valerie Coulton

"It's unusual to read a manuscript so delightful that you feel physically and emotionally transformed by it, and open book is one of them." —Paul Hoover
Equinox, by Edward Smallfield


by Edward Smallfield

"Never has the sonnet seemed more supple and alive."—Denise Newman
    Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling, by Kathleen Fraser

Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling

by Kathleen Fraser

"Discrete Categories Forced into Coupling is a consummate masterwork by a singularly perceptive and articulate poet."—Robert Creeley
Edge and Fold, by Paul Hoover

Edge and Fold

by Paul Hoover

"Here are poems keeping perfect time because our time flows through them."—Donald Revell
    cloudlife, by Stefanie Marlis


by Stefanie Marlis

"Aphoristic, enigmatic, and startling Stefanie Marlis' newest collection cloudlife evinces her gift for pressing absence into presence."—C.D. Wright
Speed of Life, by Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes

Speed of Life

by Edward Kleinschmidt Mayes

"These poems are at the harsh center of things."—Eavan Boland
    Table Alphabetical of Hard Words

Table Alphabetical of Hard Words

by Pattie McCarthy

"Pattie McCarthy sifts with nervy precision through the debris of spoken English as rendered in definitions and on public platforms from the Middle Ages to something like now."—Anselm Berrigan
Wild Goods, by Denise Newman

Wild Goods

by Denise Newman

"A once-in-a-lifetime journey."—C.D. Wright
    Also Known As

Also Known As

by Elizabeth Robinson

"This beautiful book manages to be very much of its time and also, somehow, ahead of it"—Rae Armantrout


by Cole Swensen

"Oh is opera cool"—Marjorie Perloff
    dust and conscience

dust and conscience

by Truong Tran

"Something extremely important is going on, something wonderful."—Lyn Hejinian